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All in One Compact Weather Stations & Visibility Sensors Manufacturer

We are an innovative team engaged in the development of Weather Stations and Sensors for over 10 years. We provide All-in-One Compact Weather Station SensorsUltrasonic Weather Station, Visibility Sensor , Air Quality Monitoring Sensors and Disdrometer around the world.


More than 10 years of development experience, providing the most stringent testing standards according to WMO, Offer one-stop smart professinal sensor solution.


Through the advantages of independent procurement channels and controllable localized production costs, we can provide the most cost-effective mainstream instruments and sensors.


Minimum maintenance rate in the industry, so that you can rest easy.  We offer 7×24 hours online service and we have customer specialists to provide timely after-sales service.


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Compact Weather Stations

in Different Application Scenarios

Tens of thousands of scenarios derive from thousands of model configurations, free collocation, flexible choice, there is always a customized product for you.

Ultraonic Anomometer - ZWS200

Anemometers & Wind Sensors

are Everywhere around Us

Anemometer has a history of thousands of years. With the progress of science and technology, it is becoming more and more advanced. From mechanical type to ultrasonic type to laser type, it has many principles and wide applications. It has been seen everywhere in our life and plays an important role.

Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge - ZDR100

Precipitation & Rainfall Sensors

Are Serving Our Modern Life

Water is indispensable for human survival. Every bit of our life is closely related to rainfall. By monitoring the value of rainfall, we will have a better understanding of nature, so that we can live a better life.

Visibility Sensor - ZVS100

Visibility & Road Sensors

in Road Weather Information System (RWIS)

Road meteorological monitoring is a great progress from manual observation to automatic observation, which is inseparable from the development of intelligent sensors, especially visibility sensors and road sensors, which will effectively reduce the incidence of road accidents.

Air Quality Monitoring Sensor - ZAQ

ZAQ All-in-One Sensors

in Air Quality Monitoring System (AQMS)

ZAQ Micro air quality sensor can be widely used in urban pollution monitoring. Because of its low cost and convenient installation, it has been deployed and installed in many countries.

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ZAQ220 Particle Monitoring Sensors

Will Inform You of Haze Data in Realtime

Concern about particulate matter pollution data, let us pay more attention to environmental degradation, but also pay more attention to our own health. It deserves to be owned by everyone.

All-in-One Compact Sensors Applications in IoT

climate smart agriculture-meteorological application

Agricultural Weather Stations

in Climate Smart Agriculture

Meteorological data play an important role in agricultural production, especially in yield, pest control and meteorological agricultural insurance.

road weather station-meteorological application

Road Weather Stations

for Road Weather Information System (RWIS)

Road weather station is an integral part of the road weather information system(RWIS).
It provides a lot of monitoring data for meteorological disaster early warning.
Today, Let’s dive right in.

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Micro Air Quality Monitoring System

With regard to monitoring environmental pollution, we have a lower-cost solution. It is a micro air quality monitoring station, which will help us to more easily perceive changes in the surrounding environment.

Low Cost, Maintenance Free, Easy Installation.

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All-in-One Sensors

In the Field of Energy

The energy sector is a livelihood industry that plays a very important role in the national economy. All-in-one sensor also play their strengths in different energy scenarios. Let’s get to know it together.

environmental applications-AQMS

Compact Weather Stations

in Air Quality Monitoring System (AQMS)

AQMS is an effective instrument for monitoring environmental pollution. More and more AQMS manufacturers choose ZATA compact weather stations.

Let’s dive right in.

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All-in-One Sensors

In Smart Buildings

Smart buildings have brought us more and more comfortable living and working environment, in which all-in-one sensor plays an important role. Let’s get to know it together.

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ZAQ All-in-One Sensor

On Smart Street Light

Smart street light has become an important part of smart city and the best carrier of connecting all things.

It has more and more functions. ZAQ All-in-One sensor also plays an important role in it. Let’s get to know it together.

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Micro Station

in UAV(Drone) Air Quality Monitoring System

ZATA ZAQ series module could be installed on the UAV to monitor air pollution and draw 3D model in real time.

ZAQ module(Internal Core Components) has different specifications and configurations for different scenarios.

Let’s take a look at the application case.

What our customer say

I regret finding ZATA so late that their weather station and ultrasonic anemometer have been widely used in Brazilian Airport AWOS, and I am very satisfied.

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We have applied the all in one weather station provided by ZATA to our environmental monitoring project, leaving us a lot of money. Up to now, everything works well.

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