for Water Quality Monitoring

Multiparameter Sonde / Meter Definition & Method

The main objects of water quality monitoring are surface water and water pollution sources, and the water quality monitoring items include two kinds: mandatory testing and selective testing.

For key monitoring stations, the monitoring items of water resources such as rivers, reservoirs, lakes and domestic water sources include more than 20 water quality parameters.

Such as pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, high ferocity index, conductivity, five-day biochemical oxygen demand, total organic carbon, ammonia nitrogen, cyanide, chlorophyll a, total number of fine bacteria, coliform bacteria, etc.

In actual detection, different water bodies often have different requirements.

Temperature, conductivity, pH value, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, these five water quality parameters are comprehensive indicators that appear as required items.

These five indicators can fully reflect the current situation of water quality and predict the development trend of water quality, which is an essential scientific basis for water quality monitoring.