TBS Pyrheliometer

TBS Pyrheliometer mainly measures the radiation from the vertical solar surface (with a viewing angle of about 0.5 °) and the scattered radiation from the narrow circular sky around the sun.

It is widely used in meteorological, solar energy utilization, agriculture and forestry, building material aging, and atmospheric environment monitoring departments to measure the direct solar radiation energy.

TBS Pyrheliometer mainly consists of a light cylinder and an automatic tracking device. The interior of the light cylinder consists of seven light bars, an inner cylinder, a thermoelectric stack, and a desiccant cylinder.

The seven light bars are used to reduce internal reflection, form the opening angle of the instrument, and limit the turbulence of the air inside the instrument. On the outside of the light bar is the inner cylinder, which seals the dry air inside and outside the light bar to reduce the impact of environmental temperature on the thermoelectric stack. JGS3 quartz glass sheet is installed at the outer cylinder mouth, which can transmit radiation of 0.27-3.2 µ m wavelength, facilitating direct solar radiation measurement.

The cylinder is equipped with a desiccant to prevent the formation of water vapor condensation.