Automatic Weather Station

ZTS Road Weather Station

ZTS Road Weather Station/Traffic Meteorological Station is a professional meteorological monitoring instrument launched by massive intelligent technology for highways, tunnels, bridges, and urban roads. It can monitor six conventional meteorological parameters, including wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity, air pressure, rainfall data, visibility data, and road condition data.

The quality and safety of transportation are closely related to meteorology. With the rapid development of transportation, traffic safety accidents occur frequently, and the issue of traffic safety protection is becoming increasingly prominent, causing huge losses to the construction of a harmonious society and people’s lives and property.

Meteorological factors are one of the main causes of traffic accidents. According to statistics from traffic management departments, nearly 30% of traffic accidents occur under adverse weather conditions, such as low visibility, heavy fog, and icing The weather of ponding, snow, high temperature, strong wind, sandstorm, drought, frost, and geological disasters such as flood, debris flow, and collapse secondary to rainstorm are the main disastrous weather affecting traffic safety.

The ZTS Road Weather Station/Traffic Meteorological Station will provide technical support for safe, smooth, and efficient transportation.